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Professional Software Engineer with over four (4) years of experience in software engineering.

👷 Currently building Nobus

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Hello my name is Uche Ogbu. A professional, dedicated and focused Software engineer, with a background in Cloud Computing, Financial Technology (FinTech), Information Technology, and Distributed Systems.

I am proficient in web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Vuejs, backend languages and frameworks like Python (Django, fastapi, aiohttp, etc.), JavaScript (nestjs, node, express), Dart (flutter), etc. I have working knowledge of and has worked with SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLalchemy, SQLite), Docker, Git, and Linux in a production-level environment.

I am a multi-cloud certified cloud solutions architect and enginner and has practical experience deploying, managing, and working with the OpenStack Framework, JUJU, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

My Resume